Asbestos Surveys Colchester

Asbestos Surveys Colchester


Asbestos surveys Colchester – Management surveys which are designed to access ACM (Asbestos-containing material) during the normal use of a premises. They will make sure that nobody is harmed by the presence of ACM in the work place, as well as making sure the ACM remains in good health, and finally that nobody disturbs asbestos containing materials accidentally.

Secondly we also carry out refurbishment/demolition surveys, these are designed to be undertaken when the premies in question requires restoration or perhaps even complete demolition. Also ensuring that nobody will be harmed by work on ACM also that the work that is carried out is done by the right contractor in the correct way.

All asbestos containing materials must be located and identified before any structural work is allowed to commence at the premises or on the equipment. As a destructive inspection is required on top of asbestos disturbance, the area must be vacated and certified ‘fit for reoccupation after the survey has been completed.

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asbestos surveys colchester