Asbestos Removal Colchester

Walther Environmental Ltd – Asbestos Removal Colchester

As a hazardous substance, there are strict regulations about asbestos removal and disposal. It should only be removed by highly trained, licenced companies. Walther Environmental Ltd is experienced in dealing with this hazardous material and removing it under stringent safety conditions.
Walther Environmental are based in Colchester, Essex and serve Colchester and its surrounding boroughs with absestos removal services.

Asbestos was a commonly used product right up until the 1980’s in building materials in homes and commercial properties, more commonly used in fire proofing because of its heat and fire resistance characteristics. Asbestos products are generally considered harmless, unless they are releasing dust or fibres into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested. The most common was for asbestos to enter the body is through breathing. The three most primary diseases associated with asbestos exposure are Abestosis, Lung cancer and Mesothelioma.

asbestos removal Colchester