Walther Environmental Ltd

Walther Environmental ltd was set up in June of 2003 by managing director Gavin Pugh to carry out asbestos management in the commercial and social housing markets.

Our first major breakthrough was in August of 2003 winning a local contract with Colchester Borough Homes carrying out asbestos surveys to their housing stock as and when a property became vacant prior to any refurbishment works. The reason for the survey is to ensure that if any asbestos is in the property it is discovered and dealt with in a safe and correct manor to ensure the safety of the work force. We would then manage the necessary removal or encapsulation works were carried out correctly and legally.

Once the contract had been established and various advertisements were starting to be read by the public and contractors alike, the company grew successfully over a period of several years doubling in size each year.

Walther Environmental were originally based in a small office over Whitehall Industrial Estate however in 2007 we outgrew it and purchased a much bigger premises in the Hythe area of the town. This office has been adapted several times to accommodate extra staff required to deal with the ever expanding work load.

The company has been structured in such a way that we can accommodate small jobs for the public such as removal of water tanks, shed roof or debris up to large industrial factories.

We employed a full time contracts manager in 2011 who has helped sustain steady growth by introducing a small building section to the company which carries out refurbishment works to properties including the installation of new kitchen, bathrooms etc.

In 2012 we made a decision to carry out the asbestos removal of which a licence is required for so we incorporated Walther Ltd. We applied to obtain a licence from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and due to a lot of hard work from all the team we were granted our own licence to remove asbestos products. Our licence is subject to renewal on a regular basis by the HSE and is one of only 390 licences throughout the whole of the UK.

In 2013 Walther Environmental obtained a contract carrying out surveys and removal works in and around Norfolk and Suffolk area and have opened up a small regional office employing a further three local people in that area. Reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the travel times between jobs also to give a faster service.


Walther Environmental